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Dazzling Drive-Thru Christmas Lights In Ottawa At Saunders Farm

While Christmas celebrations might look dramatically different this year, one fantastic thing that has happened is more drive-thru Christmas lights in Ottawa. In past years all there was the Magic Of Lights, but this winter Saunders Farm is offering A Country Christmas.

Best known for their outdoor hedge mazes and terrifying Halloween celebrations, Saunders Farm is a new destination to count down to Christmas.

Drive-thru Christmas Lights In Ottawa

In the day time, they have a holiday market and festive displays that you can explore on foot, but at night you can see colourful lights while staying warm in your vehicle.

One major thing I prefer about this event over Magic Of Lights is you prepurchase your tickets for a set entry time. There is no need to wait (I waited over one hour at Magic Of Lights) to get in.

The ticket slots are every 20 minutes between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m (or 10:00 p.m on Friday and Saturday).

Drive-thru Christmas lights in Ottawa at Saunders Farm

As the event is brand new, it can’t compete with A Magic Of Lights in terms of the carefully planned illuminated figures. Here it is often regular strings of lights and the occasional floodlight shining on the tree.

The route follows the Halloween drive-thru, and some moments are rather impressive. For example, there is a large canopy of twinkling lights in two sections, while in another area, you drive thru a short tunnel of lights.

Drive-thru Christmas lights in Ottawa at Saunders Farm

But there isn’t much in terms of carefully planned themes, large inflatables or displays. There are even areas with the spotlights shine into your eyes rather painfully, so consider yourself warned.

The route is short too, from start to finish it took about 15 minutes. Yet, it is still worth visiting for $25 a vehicle, as it isn’t expensive and an easy thing to do in the evening.

Drive-thru Christmas lights in Ottawa at Saunders Farm

At the end of the drive-thru, you can leave your car and get a Beavertail or mug of mulled cider and sit by the fire. This area is rather cozy, and as it is located next to all the evergreens for sale, it smells fantastic of pine needles.

I’m hopeful this event will return next winter with more of a wow factor, as it was a great idea; it just needs to grow a bit further.

Get your tickets for Saunders Farm Country Christmas now.