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Play Enchambered Alone Together Online Escape Room With A Friend

Staying at home doesn’t need to be boring. Next time you are looking for something to do, test your teamwork skills with a virtual game. Enchambered Alone Together is a free online escape room that is perfect for two people.

How To Play Alone Together

To play Alone Together, you’ll need two computers and a method to communicate (i.e., in-person, phone, or voice chat). Next, you’ll head to the link, and one person will click “player one,” the other “player two.” 

It is recommended you play on a computer, as a phone or tablet has too small of a screen.

Alone Together (Spoiler Free)

Unlike most online escape rooms, which are for a group of 4+ peoples, Alone Together is for two players. As such, it is perfect for two friends, roommates, or even a date night. 

For this game, player one and player two shouldn’t be able to see each other’s screen.

What sets Alone Together apart from other escape rooms is the two players will see completely different things on their monitors. As such, both people will need to describe everything they can see.

The items you can see may correspond with something useful to the other player. So it is essential to be as descriptive as possible.

There is no time limit on how long you play. But for an extra challenge, it is suggested you try to take under 45 minutes.

I loved the game. It felt so unique and fresh, I certainly haven’t done another online escape room like it. I found it highly entertaining to describe the many elements on my screen to my teammate.

The puzzles themselves aren’t too hard, but the real obstacle here is only seeing half of the details. So it will test your ability to combine the information to solve them.

It took us 30 minutes, but once we solved the first puzzle, it was smooth sailing from there.

Final Thoughts

I can’t believe this mini escape room was free. The web game was extremely well-produced, entertaining, and unique. 

I also believe it is very accessible, and everyone should find it highly entertaining.

If you loved the experience as much as I did, check out their other similar escape room which costs just a few dollars. 

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Try Enchambered Alone Together for free now.