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Enjoy Revel Hour At Andaz Ottawa Feast + Revel

Ever since the Andaz Ottawa Byward Market opened I have been praising both their dining options, Feast + Reveal and Copper Spirits And Sights. Copper Spirits and Sights on the top floor offers one of the best views of the city and is one of my favourite spots to grab a cocktail or enjoy their monthly Beats and Brunch. While the main restaurant Feast + Reveal has long been a favourite to enjoy Chef La Salle modern Canadian cuisine.

Next time you are looking for somewhere to go for after work cocktails and snacks with friends you need to try Feast + Revel. From 5 to 7 pm on weekdays they have the Revel Hour menu, which is an amazing deal. On the menu, you will find a selection of different dishes, wine, beer and a cocktail that are all just $6! That is right, for $12 you can get a glass of wine, and an amazing plate of food in one of the best restaurants in Ottawa. It is a deal that you will want to enjoy often!

Revel Hour At Andaz Ottawa Feast + Revel
Revel Hour At Andaz Ottawa Feast + Revel

The Revel Hour menu at Feast + Revel changes every season. When I visited they had just launched the new menu which has a poutine pogo (battered jalapeno cheese sausage with a poutine dipping sauce), NL cod ceviche (Fogo Island cod, lime, ginger, garlic, chili served with nacho chips), beet stack (roasted beets with blue cheese, hazelnuts, and arugula), and open sky wings (chicken wings with maple + black garlic spicy sauce). On the drink list there is a wine, beer or a gin and tonic all for $6.
Heading to the Andaz Ottawa after work to catch up with a friend, we opted to try everything on the menu. The pogo poutine isn’t as weird as it sounds. It is a jalapeno and cheese sausage that is battered with a poutine dipping sauce. It wasn’t my favorite as I didn’t enjoy the flavors, and it was by far the smallest dish. If you like wings, the open sky wings were delicious with a mild flavor of garlic and maple that wasn’t overpowering.

Revel Hour At Andaz Ottawa Feast + Revel

If you are going to Revel Hour I strongly recommend the cod ceviche and “beet stack”. The ceviche was wonderfully bright with the lemon flavor. I really enjoy the bold flavor with a glass of white wine. It was absolutely delicious and the large portion is perfect to share with one other person. The beet stack wasn’t actually a stack, but a roasted beet salad. The portion again was massive for the price, and easily could have been eaten as a dinner portion. I loved the flavors, and would certainly order this dish again with the ceviche!

Revel Hour At Andaz Ottawa Feast + Revel

Unable to resist dessert, my friend and I ordered from the regular menu to try their creme brulee and chocolate cake. I was impressed by the quality of the creme brulee and that it was paired with a biscotti, but for me, the real gem was the chocolate cake that was made with award-winning Hummingbird Chocolate.

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