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The Ultimate Escape Rooms In Ottawa You Need To Try

If you are a huge fan of escape rooms, here is the ultimate list of all the escape rooms in Ottawa you need to try.

Unlocked Ottawa

Escape Rooms Ottawa

In Kanata, Unlocked Ottawa offers several rooms and they have different prices and player limits depending on the room. The largest room allows up to 10 people, and the price is between $18.50-22.25 a person. Unlocked Ottawa offers the ability to customize the difficulty of the room by adding or removing clues to provide the right level of challenge for your team. No matter if you investigating a rogue spy, or trying their competitive escape room where you divide into two teams of cops vs bank robbers you will are going to have a fun time. After your escape room if you have time, make sure to visit their board game lounge where there is plenty of fun games for your team to play.

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Jigsaw Escape Rooms

Jigsaw Escape Rooms is located in the Byward Market and has 3 escape rooms for up to 7 people and costs $22 a person. Test your luck escaping a killer in CSI or the cabin, or test your luck stealing diamonds in the room heist.

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Escape Manor – Various Locations

Lockdown Ottawa Escape Rooms

The Escape Manor has various locations across Canada, including two in Ottawa one downtown and the other in Hintonburg. At times they also offer temporary location escape rooms, as was done in the past at The Museum of Nature and The Diefbunker. So that there is always a new room to tackle at The Escape Manor the rooms slowly rotate so that there is always a new room to try. Every room I’ve tried thus far has been very well designed with a variety of complicated puzzles.

The escape rooms are for 6 people, with The Apocalypse 2.0 allowing for up to 12 people, if you book a room with less than the full group you may have other groups added to your room to fill the room. The regular rooms cost $21 a person, with Apocalypse being $30 a person.

At both the downtown and Hintoburg location there is typically 4-5 rooms available, with the Hintonburg location offering the 12 person room. My two favorite rooms would be The Darkness and The Extraction which I highly recommend!

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Mystery Motel

The Mystery Motel is operated by The Escape Manor but at this location in the Byward Market, the 3 themed rooms combine to tell pieces of a story surrounding a missing diamond. Just like the Escape Manor locations, if you book a room with less than 6 people, other people may be added to your room to fill the room. The cost per person is $21.

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Lockdown Ottawa Escape Rooms

Located near St. Laurent Mall, The Lockdown offers 3 escape rooms, Trudeau Towers, Escape The Rave, and The Visitor which designed for group up to 6 players. The 45 minute escape room challenges cost $20 a person.

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Amaze Ottawa

Amaze Ottawa

Amaze Ottawa escape rooms are designed for up to 5 played and cost $23 a person. Located in the Byward Market they offer extremely well-designed escape room with unique puzzles compared to those offered at other rooms.

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Room Escape Ottawa

Room Escape Ottawa is designed for 2-8 players (they can accommodate up to a group of 10 with advance notice) and costs $24 a person. Located on Bank Street, Room Escape Ottawa has 5 rooms available and is in the same building as archery tag. Room Escape Ottawa is also home to Canada’s first multiplayer virtual reality escape room.

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Captive Escape Rooms

Located downtown Captive Escape Rooms has 4 escape rooms which allow up to 6-12 people (depending on the room), and costs $27 a person. All the rooms at Captive are solved in a linear fashion, in well designed immersive settings. There is also a separate location, Captive Kids which offers escape rooms specifically designed for children to do.

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Amnesia Escape Games

Escape Rooms Ottawa

Amnesia Escape Games is located in the Byward Market and currently has 2 rooms, with a third opening this fall. Allowing for slightly larger groups than the standard 6 person room, here the rooms allow for 8-10 people and it costs $25 a person.

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Offering more technology-focused escape rooms, Hideaway offers unique puzzles to tackle. Hideaway also offers a board game and video game lounge which you can enjoy for free before or after your escape room.

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