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Escaping The BRUCE Project Part 2 By Bewilder Box

Escaping The BRUCE Project Part 2 By Bewilder Box

If you are looking for a fun online escape room, I have the game for you. After previously loving The BRUCE Project part 1 by Bewilder Box, I decided to try part 2.

Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of trying tons of virtual escape rooms, but The BRUCE Project is one of my absolute favourites. So I was curious if the second game would live up to the positive experience I had the first time.

How To Play

This game is my top pick for anyone new to online escape rooms. The reason is it is straightforward to navigate. To play, one person will need to purchase the game for a team of up to 6 people.

After making the purchase, you will get an email with a URL and a password to start playing. The first person to log in will create the team name. The next players will type in their name, followed by the team name to join.

You will also want everyone in a voice chat to talk through the puzzles, so something like Discord, Zoom, or Whatsapp all work well.

The BRUCE Project Part 2 Review (Spoiler Free)

One significant difference in The BRUCE Project is everyone is forced to see the same thing. You’ll see everyone’s cursor, which is indicated by a different colour. 

This design feature works well because you don’t need to waste time coordinating that everyone is looking at the same thing. It also prevents part of the team from splitting up and solving something without you seeing it. Instead, you’ll need to work together on every puzzle.

Get ready to spend an hour laughing at all the robot-themed puns.

I appreciated that the entire game happens in one window, and you don’t need social media to complete it. Too many games by other companies require you to navigate between 15+ tabs in your browser, and it gets time-consuming.

In this game, the robot will move from room to room. In each area, you’ll need to solve a few puzzles to obtain a number code to open the door to move to the next place.

Unlike many other escape rooms, the focus is a humourous science theme. As someone who hates horror, I wish there were more games like this. Get ready to spend an hour laughing at all the robot-themed puns.

There is also a hilarious party button on the top right corner. You can have fun clicking it whenever you want to celebrate your victory. 

Final Thoughts

If you liked The BRUCE Project part one, you’d enjoy part 2 just as much. The experience is the same, but the puzzles are fresh and fun to solve. 

Compared to other escape rooms, this one isn’t overly difficult. But it provides enough of a challenge that everyone should find it enjoyable.

The game costs £15.00 (approximately $26.09 CAD), which is a steal considering it provides up to one hour of entertainment for up to six people. 

Buy The BRUCE Project part 2 now.