Stay Organized With Flight 001 Go Clean Set

Despite being a frequent flyer, I had yet to find a good carry-on bag for liquids. So after a bit of searching online, I came across Flight 001 who had the Go Clean Set, a set of travel bags that would be perfect for any traveller.

The set includes 2 shoe bags, 1 laundry bag, 1 bag for miscellaneous items and one carry-on liquids bag for $52.00. Currently, the Go Clean Set is available in pink, blue, purple or black.

Flight 001 Go Clean Set
Flight 001 Go Clean Set

What I thought was creative of the packaging, was all the bags were contained within the Go Clean set bag, which can also be used as an extra storage bag.

Flight 001 Go Clean Set

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Flight 001 Go Clean Set

Shoe bags, are always a must-have for me when traveling as they help prevent your shoes getting dirt all over your clean clothes. The Flight 001 bags are both a good size and can fit one pair of shoes inside each bag.

Flight 001 Go Clean Set

Another great item for keeping your dirty things away from you clean clothes would be a travel laundry bag. The one in the Flight 001 Go Clean set is surprisingly rather large and easily could fit all your dirty clothes.

Flight 001 Go Clean Set

To give you a sense of how large all the bags are:

  • Pouch Packaging: 12.5 x 9″
  • Shoe Bags: 7.5 x 14″
  • Laundry Bag: 15.5 x 19.75″
  • Stuff Bag: 11.5 x 13.25″

I couldn’t be happier with the set any everything it contained. If you are looking to buy the bags individually you can also do that off of Flight 001 you can do that too. As for me, I plan on ordering the matching bathing suit bag, and extra shoe bag (as let’s face it I always bring too many shoes when I travel).

Want the Go Clean set? Order yours now!