What To Expect In Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room

While cruising one of the best parts is trying all the delicious food. Aboard Royal Caribbean, the main dining room is somewhere you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Depending on the size of the ship there will be several main dining rooms, and you will be assigned the same one for dinner each night. This will be indicated on your Royal Caribbean ID card that you will be given on the first day of the cruise. To help you easily identify each dining room, they will have a different theme.

courtesy of Royal Caribbean International
courtesy of Royal Caribbean International
courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

Reservations For Dinner In The Main Dining Room

courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

When booking your vacation you’ll be given the option to book a dining package to allow you to dine at the specialty restaurants, like Wonderland and Jamie Olivers, along with selecting your dining time.

If you are unsure when you might want to dine each night or enjoy having the flexibility to have dinner whenever you can select My Time Dining. After trying My Time Dining, I would strongly recommend just picking a scheduled time to dine each night. The reason is it will help avoid you needing to wait in a long line for a table, as you would need to with My Time Dining. Also by dining at the same time, it means you will always have the same table and waiter, who will learn your preferences, and help have your favourite dishes waiting for you.

Dinner At Royal Caribbean’s Main Dining Room

For dinner, you’ll be able to preview the menu for each night of your cruise from your room on your TV. This can help you decide which nights you might not like what is on the menu, and make arrangements to dine at another restaurant. The menu each night has a few starters, mains, and desserts along with 3-4 dinner options that you need to pay more to have.

On my weeklong cruise, many of the starters, mains and desserts stayed the same every night, with only about 2 dishes per category being new. There was always a steak, a chicken, seafood, and a pasta of some sort on the menu, along with a sugar-free dessert option and a cheese plate. I did wish there was more variety when ordering, but at least by looking at the menu at the start of the week I was able to preplan what I would order each night.

Unlike other cruises I’ve been on, I wish Royal Caribbean had an item on the menu each night that was from the location you are docked at. For example, it would have been nice while I was in Mexico if there was at least a taco on the menu.

The food offered was all good with the portions being very generous. None of the dishes wowed me but were well cooked and tasty. I just wanted a bit more variety.

Breakfast At Royal Caribbean’s Main Dining Room

Wanting a change of scenery, I opted to only have dinner and breakfast some nights in the main dining room as there were so many other restaurants to try. For breakfast, there is always a large breakfast buffet, or you can order off the menu too. For breakfast, there was always a selection of meats, cheese, fruit, cereal, slices of bread, scrambled eggs, bacon, and oatmeal to pick from but I preferred the breakfast off the menu as everything was hotter.

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Final Thoughts

One thing is for sure, you will never go hungry on Royal Caribbean cruise ships as there is always somewhere to eat. The dining room is the most popular option for dinner and will provide you with a nice 3-course dinner. One not to miss event is when they hold their gala nights. Depending on the length of your cruise there will be either one or two of them where the food offered in the dining room will be nicer than most nights.