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Where To Get The Best Eternity Roses In Canada

Instead of getting flowers that will only last a few days, why not get them some that will last for years? Forever And Ever Gifts is an Ottawa business sells swoon-worthy eternity roses in Canada that last 3-5 years.

They carry various sizes and styles, everything from a single rose in a dome that looks straight from Beauty And The Beast to extra large arrangements with 30+ roses.

Forever And Ever Gifts eternity roses in Canada


  • Small box with 4 roses $65
  • Medium box with 10 roses $100
  • Large box with 15+ roses $150+
  • Extra large box with 22+ roses $225
  • XXLarge Box with 30+ roses $275
  • Enchanted rose dome $85

While at first, the price might seem expensive, it is remarkably affordable if you are someone who loves to have flowers in your home. If you get a new $20 bouquet of flowers every three weeks, you will still spend over $340 a year. Not only are the eternity roses cheaper, but they will last for up to five years and never wilt.

I’ve had mine on my desk for a few days now, and every time I see them, they put a massive smile on my face. The soft pink blooms are just so gorgeous, and I’m excited to enjoy them for a very long time.

Forever And Ever Gifts eternity roses in Canada

I got the medium size with a white box and pink roses, but you can customize the colours when you order. There are tons of hues to pick from, including shades of red, white and pink. But there is also less common options like turquoise, purple, yellow and green.

Forever And Ever Gifts eternity roses in Canada

If you are searching for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, anniversary or birthday gift, this would be perfect.

Forever And Ever Gifts offers deliveries in the Ottawa-Gatineau area and Canada-wide shipping.

To order, you can send them a DM on Instagram (@itsforeverandevergifts).