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Going Horseback Riding At Fort Garry Stables

For all your animal-lovers out there, you’ll want to visit Fort Garry Stables in Landsdowne, Ontario. I recently had the pleasure of going for a trail ride with them to see the glorious fall foliage.

From Ottawa, it is 1.5 hours by car or just 10 minutes from Gananoque. The drive is simple from the National Captial region, and it is my favourite stables in the area.

When it comes to horseback riding, I’m certainly a novice. I’ve gone a few times as a child, but as an adult, you can count the times I’ve been on a horse on the one hand.

Thankfully I was in good hands at Fort Garry Stables. The moment I arrived, I was impressed by the friendly staff, who you could see adored every animal in their care.

What To Expect

Before my trail ride, I learned a bit about equestrian care; and then I was off on a trail ride on my gentle giant. The hour-long trail ride was more spectacular than any boring trail rides I’ve done in the past.

We travelled through a diverse range of landscapes, including forests and next to swaying soy fields. It was particularly stunning in the autumn, as everywhere I looked, I could enjoy the brightly hued leaves.

The staff were highly attentive too, and can easily accommodate all levels of riders. When I went, my friend, who was new to horseback riding, had someone walking next to her horse to hold the reign. 

While I was more comfortable, I had a much faster horse and rode in front with the trail guide.

Final Thoughts

If horseback riding is something you’ve always wanted to try, feel safe knowing you are in skilled hands (and hooves). 

Compared to the stables I’ve visited in the past, these stables it was not only much cheaper, but better in every regard. An hour trail ride is just $30, and once I completed the trail, I wasn’t rushed out. Instead, I was welcome to say hello to the other animals. 

One thing is for sure; I’ll certainly be returning. I’m a huge fan.

You can find Fort Garry Stables at 721 Highway 2 (County Road 2), Lansdowne, Ontario. Or to learn more, visit their Facebook page