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You Gotta Try The Pies From Gabi’s Pantry

Ottawa Pies - Gabi's Pantry

If you love a delicious slice of pie, then you need to try a pie from Gabi’s Pantry. Located in Gatineau, Gabi makes a huge assortment of pies from scratch with fresh ingredients and offers delivery to the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

Ottawa Pies - Gabi's Pantry

The pie menu is updated seasonally, but some of the pies you can find at Gabi’s Pantry include old fashion apple, strawberry mouse, sour cherry, coconut cream, chocolate mousse, Oreo cheesecake, black forest, bourbon and pecan, pear crumble, butterscotch, and banana cream. Gabi’s Pantry also offers a wide range of vegan pies too.

Ottawa Pies - Gabi's Pantry

One of the wonderful features of the pie’s from Gabi’s Pantry would have to be the option to customize your pie with a message on top. For example, leading into Valentine’s Day you could order a pie to say one of the following: wine, single and awesome, I’m just not that into you, I love you and your butt, I don’t think you are ready for this jelly.Ottawa Pies - Gabi's Pantry

I had the pleasure of trying the strawberry mouse, sour cherry and old fashion apple pie from Gabi’s pantry and all were outstanding. Typically cherry pie isn’t one I like, yet the sour cherry was delicious and made me realize I do indeed like cherry pies or at least the ones from Gabi’s pantry. In both the cherry and apple pie, they were loaded with fresh ingredients and weren’t overly sweet so you could appreciate the flavor of the fruit. By using sour cherries and mixing some sour apples into the pies, both are well balanced so that they don’t taste overly sweet – a problem I find with many pies I’ve ordered from other bakeries.Ottawa Pies - Gabi's Pantry

Meanwhile, the strawberry mouse pie tasted perfectly like summer, with a rich strawberry flavor it was wonderfully light and airy and its something I would want to eat after a BBQ party on the patio.  The presentation with the pipped whip cream and chocolate covered strawberries also makes it a romantic looking dessert that would work well for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary too.Ottawa Pies - Gabi's Pantry

After trying several pies from Gabi’s Pantry, I’ve become a huge fan as the pies were expertly prepared and tasted as good as they look.

It is recommended to place your order, 3-4 days in advance, and pies are $20. To place your order you can email Gabi’s Pantry at