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Explore Gatineau’s Cultural Trail

Inspired by Boston’s Freedom Trail, Gatineau has launched its own cultural trail this summer. The 3 km path that is marked with a red line will help you easily navigate to various things to do in Gatineau including museums, local points of interest, restaurants, and microbreweries. The pathway is not only great for tourists but for locals who wish to get explore more of downtown Gatineau as the red path makes it easy to navigate the urban landscape.

The red pathways start just across the Alexandra Bridge that links Ottawa to Gatineau, and once across the bridge in Gatineau you can simply follow the red line on the sidewalks. Along the route, there are frequent signs that highlight what to visit nearby, making it very easy to explore the area.

Must Visit Spots On The Gatineau Cultural Trail

The Canadian Museum Of History

The Canadian History Museum is the most visited museum in Canada and has recently launched the new Canadian History Hall on July 1st which is 45000 sq feet and tells 15000 years of history.

The new exhibit has a focus on telling multiple stories to give various perspectives on different moments in Canadian history and covers topics such as immigration and social justice.

Each year in August the Canadian Museum of History is the host of the Sound of Light firework show which runs twice a week. This year the special Canada150 edition takes place from August 5-19th on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 9:15 pm.

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MosaiCanada is taking place at Jacques-Cartier Park from June 30th to October 15 where you can stroll through the free event where 3 million plants have been used to create 40 sculptures that represent 150 years of Canadian history and culture. The beautiful sculptures are stunning to see and are certainly worth visiting.

Cirque Du Soleil

From August 3- 27 2017 Cirque du Soleil’s Volta will be at the Zibi Site in Gatineau. The show is action packed and takes inspiration from action sports and tells a story about the importance of being true to yourself through a spellbinding performance. Tickets for Volta start at $39.

Explore Gatineau’s Culinary Scene

While walking on the cultural trail you will come across a variety of restaurants and at the corner Hôtel-de-Ville and Maisonneuve next to the Place du Portage buildings you will discover a second red pathway marked with red dots which indicates the Discovery Trail where you can find plenty of additional restaurants, cafes, and bars. If you are looking for some amazing places to eat the Cultural Trail or Discovery Trail make sure to look out for Soif wine bar with a world renowned sommelier, Cellier St Jacques located in a red brick Victorian home that makes delicious tartars and ceviches, The Rustic a gastronomic tavern, and Les Vilains Garcons that specializes in tapas.

Les Brasseurs de Temps

Les Brasseurs de Temps (BDT) is located on the same site as the original brewery in Hull. The brewpub has plenty of large patios perfect to try their beer tasting flights. Within BDT there is also a brewing heritage museums where you can learn more about the area and the history of beer making.