Coleraine / United Kingdom

Exploring The Giant’s Causeway

At the very north of Northern Ireland, close to the town of Bushmills famous for where Ireland’s oldest whiskey distillery is located is the Giants Causeway. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland, for the famous for the 40000 polygonal stones that cover the coastline.

Giants Causeway

To access the Giant’s Causeway you will need to pay a small admission fee at the visitor’s center before you are able to walk down to the Causeway. There is also a small shuttle that can take you down the hill to the coast, but the walk itself is easy and downhill. Around the Giant’s Causeway, there are 4 different walking trails that you can go on, but right at the start of all the trails, there is also plenty of the iconic stones for you to enjoy too.

The relaxing spot is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and I found it so peaceful to climb up the various columns of stones to watch the water crashing against the stones. For those visiting, you will need to wear flat shoes, as you will need to walk or climb across all the uneven stones to enjoy the view.

To access the Giant’s Causeway you can certainly drive from Dublin or Belfast, but I went as part of a tour on Paddywagon Tours to explore Northern Ireland which I found an amazing way to quickly visit Northern Ireland.