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Delicious Charcuterie & Dessert Boxes In Ottawa With Graze With Honey

Next time you are planning an at-home celebration, Graze With Honey in Ottawa has you covered. They specialize in selling delicious charcuterie or dessert boxes that you can get delivered to your home.

I always get excited over a charcuterie spread, so I was thrilled to try this local business. Graze With Honey’s sweet or savoury selections are available in various sizes, everything from a mini box perfect for a single person to party trays that can feed a crowd.


It contains a mix of cookies, brownies, fruit, and chocolates.

  • Mini dessert box (for 1-2 people) $10
  • Small box (for 2-3 people) $18


Inside you’ll find a mix of meats, cheeses, soft and hard cheese, crackers and olives.

  • Small box (for 2-3 people) $34
  • Large box (for 4-6 people) $59
  • Platters (for a group) $65+

My Experience With Graze With Honey

Graze With Honey in Ottawa

My order was one of the trays and had a wide variety of things to try. There were several cured types of meat, including salmi and prosciutto, several generous chunks of brie, creamy Boursin, cubes of mild cheese, a selection of different kinds of olives and nuts. But it didn’t stop there; there were also fresh berries, cherry tomatoes, pickles, dried apricots, pretzels, chocolate covered nuts, dips, a honeycomb, and multiple types of crackers.

While this isn’t the first cheese tray I’ve had delivered, there were a few details that set them apart from the competition. The two dips were a surprising addition, and both were super delicious. 

Graze With Honey in Ottawa

Second, I found the cheeses and meats were “safer” as they were milder in flavours than others I’ve tried. The lack of items bold cheese or spicy meats is fantastic if you are hosting a party and need a crowd-pleaser selection to appeal to everyone. 

Lastly, the addition of a honeycomb made this tray feel extra luxurious. The honey worked so well with the soft cheese and kicked up the experience. 

How To Order

Graze With Honey in ottawa

You’ll need to give 24 hours notice by sending them an email and then making an Interact e-transfer to pay the invoice. 

Visit Graze With Honey’s Instagram page to learn more or to place your order.