Canada / Ottawa

Happabake Delivers Tasty Choux In Ottawa

Getting your hands on a cream-filled choux in Ottawa couldn’t be easier. Happabake is a bakery that makes delicious pastries and delivers to your door.

If you’ve never had a choux before, it is a dessert similar to a cream puff. They are a round French pastry, with a is a light and crisp dough, filled with a creamy centre.

Each week Happabake offers a different assortment of rotating flavours listed on their Instagram account ( Some of the options include matcha, ube (purple yam), milk tea, and pandan.

Each box contains six choux for $20, and you can have up to two flavours. Delivery to your home in Ottawa is an extra $10, while pick up is free.

For my order, I opted for a mix of matcha and ube. Both were loaded with filling that wasn’t overly sweet.

I also loved the bright green and purple colours inside. The ube had a very subtle flavour, I hardly noticed the nutty notes typically found in ube. So if you are on the fence between this and vanilla, go ahead and try it. The flavour is very mild and should be something that most people find agreeable, even if they’ve never tried ube before.

But the matcha had a fantastic flavour. Sometimes matcha can be bitter when made with a lower quality tee, but this one was fantastic. Next time I’d opt for a mix of matcha and vanilla (or milk tea).

To get a box of choux sent to your home, you’ll need to send a direct message to on Instagram. After placing your order, you’ll then need to transfer the money electronically. Following the payment, you will be notified about your delivery date.

Find out now what flavours are available and place your order.