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Haunting Season & FrightFest At Saunders Farm

Spend Halloween at Canada’s #1 haunted attraction with 5 fright sites – Saunders Farm. From the end of September until Halloween Saunders Farm hosts two Halloween events, Haunting Season and FrightFest. Haunting Season is the name of the daytime event which is family-friendly. While FrightFest is the nighttime event which is much more terrifying and is for those 11 and over. Located just a short drive outside of Ottawa, it is the perfect Halloween destination for those in the National Capital Region.

To help you attend Saunders Farm Fright Fest, I’ll be giving away two pairs of tickets, so make sure to read the bottom of the post for details.

Haunting Season & FrightFest At Saunders Farm

Even if you’ve been to Saunders Farm for Halloween before there is always something new to see. Each year they update their attractions and haunted ride so it feels fresh and exciting.

Haunting Season & FrightFest At Saunders Farm

In the day you can explore the hedge mazes, corn maze, explore the barn of terror and enjoy the less scary haunted ride. While at night it is when things truly come alive. At nighttime, there are tons more actors exploring the grounds who are trying to make you scream.

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Haunting Season & FrightFest At Saunders Farm

Even if you aren’t into horror movies, or feeling scared, when you go with a group it can be fun to dress up and do the haunted ride together. While at Saunders Farm you can enjoy a meal or a drink at the Tombstone Tavern. Yet as it is Halloween, and the season for candy, I recommend picking up some of their popular fudge or baked goods which are super yummy.

Admission to FrightFest is $40 a person, while on peak nights it is $42 a person. Daytime admission is $22.

Use coupon code: HS8131 to save 10% off your admission.

Enter to Win 2 Tickets To Saunders Farm FrightFest

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