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Hearty Sandwiches At LunchBox In Ottawa

lunch box ottawa

Want a sandwich? If so, in LunchBox in the east end of Ottawa delivers hot or cold sandwiches right to your door. The restaurant specializes in hearty meals-to-go that are so large you can easily split it between two people.

If you are like me, a sandwich isn’t something you eat often. But I’d had been hearing good things about this spot, so I finally decided to check it out.

Right away, I loved their playful school theme with the “Course Syllabus” being the menu. To purchase, they have a mix of cold and hot sandwiches, salads that sound pretty tasty. Plus, you can even add a mini container of cookie dough for just $1.50.

For my order, I decided to try the “Sean Evans,” which is a fried chicken coated in hot sauce and comes with caramelized onions, tomatoes, dill mayo, chilli pepper cream cheese, potato chips and leafy greens for $8.95.

You then get the choice of a bun, tortilla, or gluten-free bun (small extra fee for gluten-free).

The Sean Evans sounded interesting, as I loved all the spicy toppings, so I decided to give it a try. Bitting in the chicken was plentiful and juicy, and even if potato chips aren’t something I ever eat, they provided a nice crunch.

But I felt my sandwich was missing out on the flavour promised. I didn’t get any of the dill in the mayo, and there was zero heat in the chilli pepper cream cheese or hot sauce that was said to be coating the chicken.

lunch box ottawa

Did it taste alright, yes but it wasn’t the spicy flavour packed sandwich I wanted. As I was getting it to go, I just loaded it up with hot sauce at home to get that heat I was searching for, and then it was delicious.

While I’m usually, I have a huge appetite after half I was stuffed, so I ate the other part for lunch the next day. At nearly $9, I found the cold sandwich a bit costly. But I suppose when you consider I got two meals out of it, the price isn’t too bad.

I’m certainly going to give LunchBox another try at another point, but this time I’ll opt for one of the hot options.

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