How To Install Vinyl Wood Floors


If you were paying close attention to my last post on how to paint bathroom counters you might have noticed the floors were updated, to a dark wood vinyl that is 100% waterproof. Vinyl floors have dramatically improved over the years, and amazingly these floors look just like wood and match the dark wood floors in the rest of the house.

How To Install Vinyl Wood Floors


To start I needed to remove the quarter round moulding. To do this I took an Exacto knife and cut along the top and bottom of the moulding to cut through the layer of paint and help loosen the moulding from the wall.


Next I shoved in a pallet knife to the top area of the quarter round moulding to try to push the moulding off the wall. You will need to alternate between cutting and using a pallet knife to push the moulding off the wall until the entire piece of moulding comes off the wall.


Remove the moulding pieces from all the sections of the wall, but remember to use caution as there will be nails sticking out of the back of the moulding. If the moulding didn’t break mark a number on the piece of the moulding, such as “1”, then write the same number on the wall so you can easily figure out where each piece goes later.  Once all the moulding is off, remove any caulk or dirt that is on the floor, along with any floor vents. As I already had an even floor and was using vinyl floors I could just lay the boards directly on the floor.


Typically you lay the floor boards in the direction of the longest wall, so the first board went against the longest wall in the back corner of the room against the tub. The are for the vent and small bend near the tub were measured and marked out with pencil, and cut out using a retractable knife and ruler. It is important to make sure when placing the first board that the groove sticks out towards the room.


It is important that you stagger your vinyl planks, so when it came time for my second row of planks I started by lining up the middle of the board (you can see it is marked with pencil) with the space between the other two boards.

This gives you an example of what the first 3 vinyl boards look like in the room.


The vinyl wood planks are thin and flexible which makes them easy to cut with a retractable knife.


The bathroom is very small, so laying the floors went fairly quickly.


updateAs the previous toilet needed to be removed to install the new floors, a new white toilet was installed while the floors were being done to replace the beige one.


Finally once all the floors have been installed you can place the quarter round molding back and nail it into place. You will then need to patch the holes and paint over the nail marks.


The floor vent was spray painted dark brown to better match the floors.


To remind you here is what the floors looked like before.


The dark vinyl planks are a vast improvement helping to ground the white walls and tub, and look stunning for a one day project.

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