How To Paint Bathroom Cabinets

Rust-oleum Cabinet Refinishing Kit

As part of the bathroom update project I’ve been working on I decided to test out Rust-oleum’s Cabinet Transformations Kit to paint the old counters.

How To Paint Bathroom Cabinets

How to paint bathroom cabinetsHere are what the cabinets looked like before. To start, I removed all the drawers and doors from the bathroom cabinet.

How to paint bathroom cabinets

Next I protected the floors with a drop cloth and masked off the surrounding areas with painter’s tape to help prevent paint from going anywhere it shouldn’t be.

Rustoleum Cabinet Refinishing Kit

The prep work for getting your cabinets ready is rather simple. Inside your Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformations Kit you will find a bottle of deglosser and some green sponges.

Rustoleum Cabinet Refinishing Kit

Squirt some of the deglosser on the sponge and wipe the cleaner all over the cabinets which will remove dust and dirt. Next wipe down the cabinet with a damp cloth to remove the soap and then dry the cabinet with a dry cloth.


To paint the cabinets use a paint brush and paint in the direction of the wood grain, starting with the outer edge of the doors.


After the edge is painted paint the remaining areas on the top side of the cabinet. Every door will need 2 coats of paint on both sides. Once all the bathroom cabinet has gotten two coats of paint and fully dried, you can then paint the protective top coat on which is included in the Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformations Kit again with a brush.


Here is what the cabinet now looks like with the doors and drawers reinstalled along with some new handles.


The soft grey (seaside) was left unglazed which is another decorative finish that you can added to change the color. I personally recommend using the glaze unless you are more comfortable with painting as with the glaze you are doing a faux finish on the cabinets and if done poorly you will be left with an uneven finish.


For your reference, here is what the bathroom used to look like…

How to paint bathroom cabinets using Rust-oleum Cabinet Refinishing Kit

and this is what it looks like now!


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  1. Donna Sharpe
    January 21, 2016 / 4:45 pm

    I have seen a ton of decorating ideas and Ms White, your tips beat the others hands down. I was wondering if I sent you some pictures or a layout of my tiny apt. for an elderly woman on a strict budget (sorry for the run on) you could give me some ideas on how to decorate it myself? Maybe, we could post the before and after pictures on-line! Your consideration in this matter would be greatly appreciated…….

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