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Is The Vienna City Card Worth It?

The Vienna City Card is a popular pass with tourists as it gives unlimited free public transportation and plenty of discounts around the city. It is available in a 24 h (€17), 28 h (€25) or 72 h (€29) format and can be purchased online or at various locations in Vienna including the Tourist Information Centre. Once activated the pass will work for the 1 – 3 day(s) and give you free transportation Vienna’s underground, buses and trams.

The Vienna City Card also grants you discounts at more than 210 museums and sights. Including everything from museums, shops, restaurants, cafes, and concerts. When you get your pass, you’ll also be given a free guide book that will describe the list of discounts.

An example of some of the discounts you can get are:
Schonbrunn Palace save € 3
Schonbrunn Palace Strudelshow save € 1
Schonbrunn Zoo save € 3

There are also passes available that includes everything above plus the ability to ride the useful Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus 24h (€43), 48 h (€ 51), 72 h (€ 55) or an airport transfer 24h (€60), 48 h (€ 68), 72 h (€ 72).

Is The Vienna City Card Worth It?

Depending on the sights you are going to see or the location of your hotel, the Vienna City Card could be very useful. It won’t give discounts for top attractions like the Vienna Opera House, but it does include many other popular sites.

For example, if your hotel is outside of the city center, you will need to take public transportation to most of the attractions. While other attractions like the Schonbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace are further away from the other sights, so they to would require you to take public transit. To get the most out of your Vienna City Card it is essential to activate it in the morning, so you get the most use of the card.

Should You Buy the Vienna Card?

It highly depends. If you are just planning on using the Vienna City Card for transportation it might not save you any money in comparison to paying for an unlimited transportation 1- day pass which is  €8,00. To make the City Card worth it you would need to take advantage of a few discounts the Vienna City Card offers to justify the €17 price.

For more information about the Vienna City Card, or to purchase one visit their official website.