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Japan Candy Box – A Sweet Taste Of Japan

Japan Candy Box Unboxing - Japanese Subscription Box

Japan Candy Box Unboxing - Japanese Subscription Box



As you might be aware I have a deep love for Japan which came from living in the country. In particular one of my favorite aspects of Japan, and something I miss greatly is the food. While it is possible to sometimes find similar savory dishes prepared at Japanese restaurants here in Canada, they authentic snacks are much harder to find.

Recently I got my first Japan Candy Box in the mail, which is a monthly Japanese subscription box that sends you delicious treats straight from Japan! Inside each box, you’ll find 10 snacks consisting of a mixture of currently popular and traditional Japanese snacks & sweets. Japan Candy Box costs $19.99 a month and includes free worldwide shipping (the longer you subscribe the more you save each month, so this price goes down if you subscribe for 6 months or a year).

Japan Candy Box Unboxing - Japanese Subscription Box

In my Japan Candy Box I got:

  • Bourbon Nicotto Vanilla Cream Biscuits – a chocolate cookie sandwich with sweet vanilla cream inside
  • Anpanman KoroKoro Chocolate Balls – chocolates with Anpanman
  • Dole Dessert Peach Yogurt Gummy Candy – soft peach yogurt gummies
  • Calbee Kata-age Black Pepper Potato Chips – extra crispy potato chips with black pepper
  • Dorachoco Mini Pancakes – mini Dorayaki pancakes
  • Tohato Matcha Green Tea – crispy corn snack flavored with green tea
  • Sanrio Characters Ribbon Biscuits – small biscuits with Hello Kitty’s ribbon on them
  • Marukawa Strawberry Shaved Ice Gum – strawberry shaved ice gum
  • Kracie Fuwarinka Beauty Rose Gum – rose oil gum with collagen and vitamin C
  • Umaibo Snack Stick – vegetable salad flavor

Here in Ottawa, it just so happens I have several friends who lived in Japan when I did and all of us chose to make Ottawa our home for now. So together with them, we devoured the Japanese Candy Box! My favorite was the Dorachoco Mini Pancakes as I love dorayaki pancakes (a pancake sandwich filled with red bean)! My friends and I were really impressed with Japan Candy Box, as for under $20 a month including shipping you can get 10 delicious snacks to try through the month.



Next month the theme is summer festival and we are excited to see what will be inside. Interested in trying Japan Candy Box for yourself? Subscribe now.