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Pull Off A Heist At Jigsaw Escape Rooms

Jigsaw Escape Rooms recently relocated and is now at 2 ByWard Market Square, right next to Zak’s Diner. The new location is outstanding as is decorated with an industrial theme in the waiting room which has bar tables with a few classic board games like snakes and ladders and chinese checkers for your group to play before you enter your room.

Currently, Jigsaw Escape Rooms has 3 rooms, cabin (you wake up in a locked-in a mysterious cabin which you discover is a killer’s lair and you need to escape), CSI (working as a crime scene investigator you need to solve the crime and escape the criminal before you become the next victim), and heist (you are part of an elite crime syndicate but you get double-crossed when stealing diamonds, and you need to break in and get the diamonds back).

 Jigsaw Escape Room Ottawa
 Jigsaw Escape Room Ottawa

I tried heist, where my team took on the role of thieves trying to get $10,000,000 worth of in diamonds from a safe house. The room itself was well designed, without relying on much technology, but offered a cohesive story with a variety of fun puzzles to solve. Unlike the standard room size of 6 people at many other escape rooms, here you can have up to 7 in the room which is nice if you want to include an extra friend.

 Jigsaw Escape Room Ottawa

The room itself is pretty straightforward, without any tight spaces or dark rooms, making it suitable for anyone as there is nothing scary at all. While the puzzles are solved in a fairly linear fashion, there was never a moment when my group felt there wasn’t something for everyone to do, which was wonderful.

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No matter which of the escape room you select the price is $22 a person, and if you have less than 6 players others may be added to your group to give you a full team.

 Jigsaw Escape Room Ottawa

I highly enjoyed my experience at Jigsaw Escape Rooms and found the room great. The wonderful location in the Byward Market also makes it very convenient to do an escape room before dinner/drinks with friends and there is street parking or parking garages nearby.