Joy, Love & Cookies: DIY Christmas Cookie Containers

DIY Christmas Cookie Containers

While baking is something I enjoy doing year round, I tend to spend extra time in the kitchen in December baking up sweet treats to give as gifts or to bring to cookie exchange parties. The problem is often I find most cookie tins to be ugly so here is a quick trick to dress up the old cookie tins you might be storing from last Christmas.

DIY Christmas Cookie Containers

To start you will need to clean the cookie tins you currently have with soap and water to remove and dirt that might be on it.


Next to give the cookie tins a uniform new look I painted the exterior of the tin with 2 coats of Rust-oleum’s glossy red apple spray paint.

DIY Christmas Cookie Containers

| Download Eat Cookies And Be Merry template |

| Download Joy, Love & Cookies template |

To complete the new look of the cookie containers, I added decorative new labels onto the top which say “eat cookies and be merry” and “wishing you a holiday filled with joy, love & cookies”. To make the new labels download either of the two cookie lid templates I designed and print out the design. Next cut out the circle and use spray glue, a glue stick or even Mod Podge to stick the print out to the newly painted cookie tin lid. For extra durability, you might want to paint a thin layer of Mod Podge over the printed design if you plan on using the cookie container for more than one year as the Mod Podge will provide a protective top coat.


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DIY Christmas Cookie Containers

DIY Christmas Cookie Containers

Once the cookies the delicious batch of spiced gingerbread cookies were done, and the newly recycled cookie container filled with cookies was ready to be given as a simple holiday DIY gift.




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