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What To Do In Labadee Haiti

If you are taking a Royal Caribbean cruise to Haiti, then you will be stopping at their private island Labadee. One of the amazing things about visiting Labadee unlike a regular port on a cruise, here the food is complimentary.

A visit to Labadee feels like a one day vacation at a luxurious hotel. There are several beaches (although only one is for swimming), a zip line (this costs extra), and giant inflatables in the water to entertain you.

On top of that, on the island, you can enjoy a free buffet BBQ lunch, or you can easily walk back on the boat to have lunch there if you wish. The buffet was rather delicious, with burgers and ribs being BBQed, and there was plenty of salads, fruit, rice and beans and desserts to enjoy too.

While on Labadee you might not see much of Haiti’s culture, but it does make for the perfect spot to relax in the sun. When I visited they did have one group of locals dancing, and there were plenty who were selling souvenirs, but if you truly want to see Haiti you’ll simply need to return for another visit.

As someone who loves visiting culturally rich spots, I was worried Labadee wouldn’t appeal to me at all. Yet I couldn’t be more wrong. I highly enjoyed getting a lounge chair on the beach and sipping my pina colada. It was exactly what I needed, some time to rest and relax.

If you are lucky enough to visit Labadee on Royal Caribbean make sure to bring you a bathing suit and sunglasses and be prepared to enjoy swimming in some beautiful turquoise waters. Enjoy!