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Hot And Fresh Mini Donuts In Ottawa

Donut mind if I do. Ottawa has a new pink food truck, and it sells the yummiest bags of mini desserts. Le Donut Stop specializes in bags of mini donuts and travels across the city selling bags of mouthwatering sweets.

These mini treats give me major nostalgia. As a kid, I remember going to the fair with my grandparents and splitting this style of mini donuts – one of their favourite treats.

Le Donut Stop

To find Le Donut Stop, you’ll want to follow them on Facebook or Instagram. There they will announce where you can find them as it varies each weekend, alternating between Kanata, Orleans, Riverside South, Stittsville, Barrhaven and more.

The truck is easy to spot as it has a cheerful pink and leopard design that is hard to miss.

The family-owned company sell cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar or plain mini donuts. You can get it in a bag of 12, 24 or 50 (and in the two largest sizes you can get two different flavours). Plus for an extra $1 you can get a maple dip to dunk your donuts into.

I’m usually not the biggest donut fan, but Le Donut Stop was delicious. What I liked about them is you get them freshly made, and they are still slightly warm. The soft dough contrasted against the texture of cinnamon and sugare is fantastic.

Another perk is their size, normally a donut is too big for me, so I like the idea that I can have two different types and it is still much smaller than a full donut. While there is no way I could complete a bag myself, they are ideal for sharing with friends or family.

For my order, I got the cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar as I wanted to surprise my grandmother with them. I liked both equally, the cinnamon flavour is very mild so there is more of a textural difference.

Want to try Le Donut Stop follow them on Instagram or Facebook to find out where they will be in Ottawa next.