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Little Jo Berry’s Delivers A Vegan Sugar Rush To Your Door In Ottawa

Why bother driving, when you can get desserts delivered in Ottawa? For several years I’ve been a massive fan of the vegan sweets from Little Jo Berry’s. I’ve devoured everything from their adorable ice cream creations, cakes and squares. So when I discovered I could get their baked sweets sent to my door, I was thrilled.

When ordering, the options are pop tarts, scones, cookie sandwiches, squares, cupcakes, or the baker’s choice, which is a mix of the best bites. For $22, you get six desserts. When ordering you also have the option to request for them to be gluten-free.

There is also a small delivery fee. To my house, it was an extra $5, which isn’t bad since it saved me all the hassle of commuting.

All the options sounded delicious, but I opted for the pop tarts. I was intrigued by what they would be like as I remember eating them occasionally as a kid and not liking them. Then again, the boxed version from the 90s was hard and sweet but didn’t have much else going for it.

But after a few bites of the pop tarts from Little Jo Berry’s, I’m thrilled I gave them another shot. These were essentially mini pies, with flaky pastry, loaded with blueberry pie filling and then topped with icing. Every bite was sugary bliss.

I was also surprised by how large these were and how much filling was inside. While I did manage to finish one, I could have eaten half and been full.

Next time I order I’m planning on getting their ice cream cookie sandwiches, which sound incredible. For $25 you get enough supplies to make 6 giant frosty treats. The package will include the chocolate chip cookies, sprinkles, fudge sauce, and your choice of Oat and Mill Pint.

The only struggle I can see is deciding between some of the mouthwatering ice cream flavour options like mint chip, cannoli fudge, cookie dough, and peanut butter chocolate.

If you want to get a Little Jo Berry’s desserts delivered to your home in Ottawa, you can place an order on their website. Delivers are made on Tuesdays, or you can always opt for contactless pick up instead.

Order online now.