Make It: DIY No-Sew Shower Curtains

DIY No-Sew Shower Curtains

For the bathroom, I wanted a nice long 84″ shower curtain with a classic hotel piping detail, but anything but the standard 74″ curtains are expensive. The curtains I wanted from Bed Bath and Beyond costed $99.00, but I made my own version  for $13.00.


To start you will need a plain curtain. I picked up a two pack of white grommet curtains for $20.00, and a large roll of black and white striped ribbon. Line up your hemming tape up along the side seam of the curtain so that it goes all the way from the top to the bottom. Note it is important to make sure the hemming tape is slightly more narrow than the ribbon or it will show.


Using dress making pins pin the ribbon onto the hemming tape so that you have a pin every few inches.


Once all the ribbon is pinned into place heat up your iron to the correct setting for your fabric.


Iron the ribbon into place by holding the iron onto the ribbon it has become glued to the curtain. After ironing remove all the pins.


Here is a close up of what the ribbon looks like on the shower curtain.


As the cotton shower curtain is simply decorative I also hung a plastic shower curtain liner by using hooks that hang in the spaces between the grommets on the interior side of the shower curtain so that the hooks are completely hidden.

DIY No-Sew Shower Curtains

Here is the final product. If you wanted you could easily hang another piece of ribbon along the bottom seam as well but in the narrow space I wanted to draw the eye upwards to make the room feel larger so I only added ribbon on either side of each curtain.


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