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A Night At Moxy Vienna Airport

As I had a super early morning flight, I decided to spend the night at the airport at the Moxy Vienna Airport hotel. When staying at an airport hotel, I admit my demands are simple. I need it to be close to the airport and at a reasonable price. In the past, I’ve found airport hotels are somewhat lacklustre, as the hotels know you are only there for one night, yet the Moxy Vienna Airport was exceptional.

After travelling the world for the past few years, I’ve stayed at luxurious 5-star hotels and even several castles, yet the Moxy Vienna Airport offered the best welcome I’ve ever received. In fact, my stay was so exceptional that I’m now going to book other Moxy Hotels actively only whenever I can.

Moxy Vienna Airport

Why Stay At The Super Instagrammable Moxy Vienna Airport

At the Moxy Vienna Airport, the staff go above and beyond what you might expect from a hotel so that each guest feels truly special. When you arrive in your room, every guest gets the surprise of seeing their decorated room. For me I had a huge stuffed giraffe on my bed, an adorable unicorn balloon, several handmade pillows, little butterflies around a huge bed canopy, and mini string lights decorating my bed. As I was staying near Easter, there was also Easter Eggs decorating my room, plus there was a custom welcome message on the mirror welcoming me to the hotel.

All the decor was amazing and made me feel special. The thing is, all the fancy décor and welcome message wasn’t me getting special treatment because I’m a travel writer, the Moxy Vienna Airport decorates the room for each of their guests. During my stay, I could see the staff going around cleaning the rooms with tons of adorable decorate on hand to decorate the rooms.

Not only was the décor in my room the perfect memorable way to end my trip to Vienna, but it made me feel like a VIP guest at the hotel. The experience is similar to arriving at the airport after your journey, to find your friends, family or a loved one waiting for you with balloons or flowers, this hotel welcomes you too with a grand flourish.

The Room

I opted for the family room, which came with a large bed, a living room with a sofa that turns into a bed, and a huge bathroom. The room was perfect with plenty of space. I enjoyed a restful night of sleep in the comfortable bed that had with soft luxurious linens, and plush pillows. Due to my flight at dawn, I also appreciated the blackout curtains that allowed me to block out all the light so I could go to bed early for my trip. Also, to enable you to easily charge your electronic devices as you sleep, next to the bed, and again in the living room, there was also plenty of power outlets and USB plugs.

If you happened to have a bit of extra time, in both the bedroom and the living room, there were two large smart TVs so you could easily log into your YouTube account and begin watching your favourite show.

While the bathroom was very spacious, with a large shower area, and plenty of counter spacious to get ready. The bathroom also came with under counter lighting so that you could have just dim lights on at night, a feature I appreciated.

Moxy Airport Vienna Austria

Another light feature I adored was the under bed lighting which turned on by a motion sensor to help you see at night to find your way to the bathroom. To improve your TV viewing experience there was also backlights you could turn on behind the TV too.

Finally, the room came with a large full-length mirror and a massive closet with two clothing rods, and plenty of shelves so you could store all your clothes and suitcases.

The Hotel

Check-in at the hotel is straightforward and fast. I arrived early and was able to use one of the free lockers to store my bag when I arrived. Despite the fact my room should have only been available from 3 pm, I was able to check in for noon!

Moxy Airport Vienna Austria

Even if I weren’t able to check-in early, I would have been happy waiting in the lobby which is very spacious and comfortable. There several different spaces, with a living room set up next to a fireplace, tables for working on your laptop, tables next to the bar, and plenty of tables to lounge with friends or dine too.

Moxy Airport Vienna Austria

To keep you entertained the hotel has a modern gym, a foosball table, and plenty of board games in several languages too.

The hotel is extremely stylish and looks like a boutique hotel. Throughout the hotel you’ll find Instagram worth décor and spaces you’ll want to share with your friends. Another thing I enjoyed was throughout the hotel there are positive messages to keep you smiling.

As you might expect from an airport hotel, this hotel is located next to the airport and is only a few minutes walk from the terminal.

Food and Drink

The hotel offers breakfast or crockpot dinner that you can pay to enjoy, along with prepackaged quick meals like sandwiches, salads and fruits. At the bar you can order anything from a cocktail, to pay for your coffee.

For myself, I decided to take advantage of their crockpot dinner, as it was fast and convent. Each night between 6-10pm there is a different crockpot dinner offering and for just a few dollars can help yourself to a filling a delicious meal.

For dessert, if you want, there is also an unbelievable fridge filled with ice cream which is available for only 5 euros! Next time I plan on watching some TV and enjoying a personal sized container of ice cream, it sounds incredible!

Final Thoughts

Moxy Hotels offer a mind-blowing service that makes each guest feel truly special while having a trendy space and affordable prices. I’ve never once had a hotel stay where I’ve been made to feel so special, and I’m now going to only stay at Moxy Hotels whenever I can in the future.

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