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MunchPak Unboxing and Review

MunchPak Unboxing and Review

Are you eager to try a food subscription box but not sure what country to pick? MunchPak is the perfect option for you as you can explore popular snacks from around the world which will be delivered to you.

MunchPak Unboxing and Review

MunchPak has 3 different monthly boxes, 5+ snacks (starts at $12.95), the original box 10+ snack box (starts at $22.95), and the 20+ snack box (starts at $42.95). You can then further customize each box to include which type of snack you want or do not enjoy. Options include spicy, sweet, candy, chips, sour, gummy and several others. Each customization cost $1 per box. Furthermore, you can coffee or tea to your MunchPak for $5 a box.

Once you’ve customized the perfect MunchPak for you, you can then customize the frequency with the options being weekly, every two weeks or monthly. Shipping for your MunchPak is free in the USA, but shipping is available worldwide.

MunchPak Unboxing and Review MunchPak Unboxing and Review

My Munch Pack Included:

  • Fabitos Bacon Bits chips from Brazil
  • Mika Chips Ahoy chocolate bar from Poland
  • Vidal Sour Green Apple candy from Spain
  • Fini Roller Tutti Fruit candy from Spain
  • Nestle LZ Aero White chocolate bar from Bulgaria
  • Morinaga Hi-Chew candy from Taiwan
  • Pac-Man Milk Chocolate sticks from Turkey
  • Barcel Hot Nuts from Mexico
  • Zapps New Orleans chips from the United States
  • Lotte Crunky Double chocolate bar from South Korea
  • Matilde Vicenzi pastry from Italy

MunchPak Unboxing and Review

One unique feature of MunchPak would be the snack scanner app. Instead of a regular information sheet that lists what all the snacks are, with the snack scanner you scan the barcodes of each snack to discover more information about them. After scanning a snack you will get a brief description of what the snack is and where the country of origin.

MunchPak Unboxing and Review


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After sampling a snack you can use your snack scanner app to save your favorite treats, and can even order more of the snack from MunchPak. This is a useful feature if you find a snack you really enjoy, as most of the snacks are between $2-3 per snack.


Ready to order your MunchPak?

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