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Unboxing My Japan Box

Unboxing My Japan Box Candy Box

Explore Japanese culture and food without leaving your home with My Japan Box which is perfect for those who are interested in Japan. As someone who lived in Japan, My Japan Box is a convenient way to get Japanese items that make me nostalgic of when I lived in the land of the rising sun.

What makes My Japan Box unique compared to other Japan-themed monthly subscription boxes is the number of themed boxes you can pick between.

Unboxing My Japan Box Candy Box

Japanese food-themed boxes:

  • a ramen box perfect for noodle lovers
  • a Kit Kat box (Japan is famous for having unique flavors of Kit Kat)
  • a snack themed box
  • a tea box for those who adore matcha
  • a candy box

Japanese cultural themed boxes:

  • a cooking box to learn new Japanese recipes
  • a fashion-themed box with cute accessories
  • a stationary box
  • a music box that includes everything from traditional music to J-Pop

Anime themed boxes:

  • Sailor Moon box
  • Hello Kitty box
  • Pokemon box
  • Naruto box
  • General anime box with a variety of show
  • along with plenty other boxes of different shows and characters


With so many options it is easy to get a customized Japan-themed box perfect for your particular interest. For my first box, I got the candy-themed box which comes with 15-20 pieces of Japanese candy.


Unboxing My Japan Box Candy Box

Inside My Japan Box I had 19 different treats including:

  • Fish shaped wafer in chocolate and strawberry
  • Anpanman grape gummies
  • Matcha Kit Kat
  • Uji matcha cookies
  • Lotte koala cookies
  • chocolate orange cookies
  • wagashi
  • and much more!

Unboxing My Japan Box Candy BoxUnboxing My Japan Box Candy BoxUnboxing My Japan Box Candy Box

It is worth noting the candy box does not come with a translation of the treats inside so you will need to explore the treats without being able to read the packaging much like you would in Japan. That being said, most of the packaging makes it fairly clear what type of snack it could be.

Unboxing My Japan Box Candy Box

Without question, the Taiyaki (or fish-shaped wafers) were my favorite surprise. Taiyaki is a popular street food that is fish shaped but is filled with red bean inside. While attending Japanese festival I used to love Taiyaki which is something I can’t find where I live, so the wafer version put a huge smile on my face. My other favorite sweets in the My Japan Box were the various traditional wagashi, particularly the manju sweets filled with red bean. Unboxing My Japan Box Candy Box

If you are looking to discover more about Japan – My Japan Box is a wonderful way to have Japanese treats or products sent to your home. After being so impressed with the Japanese candy box I am eager to try all the other food boxes.

Unboxing My Japan Box Candy Box

My Japan Box gives you the option buy any of themed boxes without a subscription, or you can sign up for the monthly subscription on a box theme of your choice and have a new box sent monthly.

Purchase your first My Japan Box now!