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Naked Snacks For Your Next Trip

The next time you are packing your carry-on bag don’t forget some snacks! We’ve all been there, you are at the airport, or perhaps already on the flight, and you are starving. Sadly at airports, healthy snacks are either non-existent or super expensive and while flying the situation gets even worse.

Whenever I fly anywhere, I always pack a variety of snacks for the entire trip. This way on my long layovers, or find myself on another long flight without an inflight meal I’ll be ready. Recently I tried Naked Snacks, and they have become my go-to snack choice while travelling. They offer a subscription-based snack system, where you select the number and type of snack you want, along with the frequency of the shipments.

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Naked Snacks offers tasty, healthy snacks, that are 80% healthy foods with 20% treats mixed in (ie: dark chocolate pieces). The all natural snacks are 200 calories or lower for 35 grams, have no trans fats or added sweeteners and preservatives.

Naked Snacks + Coupon Code

When ordering you can opt for:

Personal Snacking – 5 large bags for $25.60 (use coupon code stephanie20 to get this price which is 20% off).

Shared Snacking – 10 large bags for $$45.56 (use coupon code stephanie20 to get this price which is 20% off).

Both options include shipping and taxes in the price. You’ll also be able to select if you want your box of snacks every 2 weeks, once a month or every 2 months. Plus if you decide you don’t need snacks at any time, you can quickly pause or cancel your order.

As I frequently travel, I opted for the Shared Snacking, which is equal to 40 portions of snacks, which is plenty so that I can share. I had a tough time picking the 10 bags I wanted in my order, as everything sounded so good, but after trying several of Naked Snacks different snacks here are my top favourites.

Naked Snacks + Coupon Code

My Top Favorite Snacks From Naked Snacks

Ginger Staycation

courtesy of Naked Snacks

This yummy snack mixes dark chocolate, crystallized ginger, pistachios, walnuts and almonds. It is high in protein and fibre and gluten-free.

Aloha Kauai

courtesy of Naked Snacks

The snack bag tastes like a beach vacation! It is full of with toasted coconut flakes, banana chips, crystallized pineapple and toasted and salted macadamia nuts. The vegan snack is high in fibre too.

Wholesome Yogi

courtesy of Naked Snacks

I love the Greek yogurt chips in this bag that help support digestion, and there is also pumpkin seeds, cranberries, cashews and almonds. It is gluten-free and high in fibre.

Maple Praline Almonds

Naked Snacks + Coupon Code
courtesy of Naked Snacks

Dry roasted almonds sweetened with maple syrup for a high in protein and fibre vegan snack. Yum!

Naked Snacks + Coupon Code

Naked Snacks Coupon Code

Interested in trying Naked Snacks? Use coupon code stephanie20 to save 20% on your order.