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A Night At The Nashville Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Nashville famously referred to as ‘Music City’, is home to Schermerhorn Symphony Center. It is here you can hear the Grammy Award-winning Nashville Symphony.

When you think of Nashville’s music scene, you might think it is only country music, but there is a vibrant and diverse range of music to enjoy.

Located only a short distance from the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center hosts a wide range of concerts, including pop, jazz, and classical.

When visiting, make sure to explore outside the building to see the beautiful Recording Angel statue. Made out of bronze the winged statue is one of 3 angles statues you’ll find.

Every year the Schermerhorn Symphony Center hosts approximately 140 performances, so chances are when you visit, there will be at least a few happening.

I strongly recommend you go if you have the chance. The building is gorgeous and was built to resemble 19th-century European concert halls. Inside the Laura Turner Concert Hall, you’ll find a giant custom-built organ and a choir flatform behind the main stage.

Tickets highly vary in price depending on what you are seeing, but you can sometimes find them as low as $25 a person if you book early enough.

If you are looking to save some money, you can reserve the choir seats (when they aren’t performing). Located behind the stage, you’ll be right next to the orchestra and face the conductor.

Not only will they give you a unique perspective, but it is a fantastic way to listen to live music cheaply.

Nashville Symphony

Schermerhorn Symphony Center

The building conveniently has parking right next to it, but because of its central location, it most likely will be walking distance from your hotel.

See The Nashville Symphony

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