Nomakenolife: Japanese Beauty Subscription Box

Nomakenolife is a Japanese beauty subscription box that contains 5-7 full-sized beauty products. The type of beauty products you can find in your Nomakenolife box includes masks, makeup removers, toners, body creams, nail products, makeup,  hair products, bath products, and hair accessories.

Inside the Nomakenolife box there was:

  • Sakura fragrance stick
  • Dessert facial mask
  • Brush styling sheet
  • Double color eyeshadow crayon
  • Argan hair oil

The brush sheets were amazing. The damp sheets fit over your brush and apply collagen and ceramide to your hair to give them a nice shine. The package has ten sheets and did an amazing job of reducing hair frizz. The fragrance stick was too floral for my taste, but the small package would be perfect for traveling.

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Nomakenolife: Japanese Beauty Subscription Box

The Nomakenolife box also had an almond tofu mask to help give you clear and soft skin. I was pretty excited to find a large bottle of argan oil to help treat my hair. The argan oil mask has a soft scent of orange and jasmine and did a great job of helping to restore our damaged hair.


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Nomakenolife: Japanese Beauty Subscription Box

The last item in the Nomakenolife box was an eyeshadow crayon that was half purple and half pearly white. The shimmery finish was nice and it went on creamy, but I found the color too loud for my taste.

Interested in trying Nomakenolife? The subscription cost $29.99 a month and includes free worldwide shipping.

Order your Nomakenolife Japanese beauty box now.