Canada / Ottawa

Relax At Nordik Spa-Nature

Nestled 10 minutes outside of Canada’s capital city Ottawa, is North America’s largest spa Nordik Spa-Nature, a gem in the city that seamlessly blends nature and a soothing environment that has something for everyone. With the days starting to get cooler here in Ottawa, I headed to Nordik with a friend to spend time relaxing out in nature to enjoy the crisp air and beautiful fall leaves.

When visiting Nordik there is plenty to do to keep you entertained for an entire day as the outstanding Scandinavian spa has 7 outdoor baths, 8 saunas, along with a variety of different restaurants for you to enjoy.

In addition to the hot tubs and saunas helping you immediately relax, heat therapy (thermotherapy) has a variety of other benefits including, reducing insomnia and stress, firming skin, muscle pain relief, improved memory, better digestion of food, and elimination of toxins from the body. To benefit from Thermotherapy, the process of alternating from hot to cold, begin with hot tubs or saunas, then plunge into a cold pool and finally rest on one of the lounge chairs.

The ever-expanding Nordik Spa-Nature has 3 sections, Borëa (where you are allowed to whisper), Kaskad (the silent zone), and Panorama (the social area). My favourite area would have to be the social area where you can talk with friends and even take a cocktail into the hot tubs if you desire. While in the social area make sure to try Näkymä hot tub, which is a massive infinity pool with outstanding views of Ottawa and Gatineau making it the perfect place in the fall to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves.

If you are visiting the spa in the fall or winter, there are also several covered relaxing pavilions with fireplaces and lounge chairs which are a great spot to talk or read a book.

While at the spa, if you hear the gong sound it means the Aufguss rituals are going to begin, and I highly recommend trying the experience. During the ritual which takes place in a sauna, the Aufguss Meister will use a towel to rotate three different scents throughout the room, such as pine or grapefruit.

Kalla Treatment

For a truly relaxing experience, I suggest visiting the Källa large saltwater pool. Filled with water-saturated to 12% of Epsom salt, you can float underground feeling weightless. The pool only allows a small number of people, and it is required that you remain silent while you float in the spectacular room that has soft music, and flickering candles.

Restaurants at Nordik Spa-Nature

There are several dining options at the spa, between the rest coffee bar, bier garden, and panorama lounge. For my visit, I picked the lounge which is in the social section of the spa, as I was drawn to the sharing plates inspired menu.

While there I had salmon 3 ways, sparkling wine, and the most amazing cheesecake. Seriously, though, order the cheesecake both my friend and I found the decedent cake to be the best cheesecake we have had in a long time.

Blissful Relaxing Retreat

Nordik Spa-Nature is the perfect year-round oasis to spend the necessary time relaxing so that you will feel more recharged to tackle the bustle of your daily life. Shortly after arriving my friend and myself, two self-described workaholics quickly felt at bliss from being so relaxed. I know I’ll be returning soon as I’m eager to see the new Russian saunas, exfoliation room, and mud baths that will be opening soon.