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Take A Bite Of Oh My Honey Sweet Honeycomb Buns

You knead this in your life. Ottawa has a new company that sells irresistible honeycomb buns called Oh My Honey, which delivers to your door.

What is a honeycomb bun? The texture is airy and soft, similar to the French Brioche. But instead of a plain roll, the tops are covered in a sweet glaze and then dusted with powdered sugar.

Each one can be pulled apart to reveal the delicious filling loaded inside. Currently, Oh My Honey offers Nutella, cream cheese, half and half or plain. But soon, they plan on releasing more flavours too.

For my Oh My Honey order, I went for half and half as I wanted to try both flavours. The box came with six buns, three Nutella and three cream cheese plus a container of homemade honey syrup for extra sweetness.

Both options were delightful, but if you prefer things less sugary, the cream cheese would be better. As for myself, I adore chocolate, and the Nutella was a massive hit with me.

When biting into the Nutella ones, I was delighted to find they are loaded with tons of the chocolate hazelnut spread. It was so addictively delicious. Without question, I’m getting all Nutella next time I order from them.

I was also impressed by how fresh they tasted. It was like biting into buns freshly cooled from the oven. But even if you can’t finish the whole box the day they arrive, they remained yummy when I ate the rest a few days later.

For those with dietary restrictions, please note they contain milk, flour and eggs, so they are not gluten-free or vegan. They are also not nut-free.

To try a box, you’ll need to send a direct message on Instagram to @ohmyhoneyco. They deliver in Ottawa and Alymer.

How it works is after you place your order, they will confirm the delivery date, and you make the payment via e-transfer or Paypal.

A dozen costs $20 including delivery and your choice of filling.

Order honeycomb buns from Oh My Honey now.