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Apple Picking At Orleans Fruit Farm

Sweater weather is better together. It is time to head to your local orchard and go apple picking in Ottawa. One top place to go in the region is Orleans Fruit Farm in the east end.

Starting late August on Saturday and Sundays, you can head here to go apple picking between 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To get started, make sure to drive to the back parking lot, as the front spaces are reserved for the farmer’s market where you can buy fresh produce.

Depending on when you visit, there will be different types of fruit available. The most abundant tree type is Macintosh, but the others are marked with coloured flags, such as Lobo.

It was my first time picking fruit at Orleans Fruit Farm, and I was surprised by how many trees they have. Despite the large crowds, you could always have a tree to yourself.

It is entirely possible to fill a bag in just a few minutes. But I stretched out the activity to take an hour by wandering to different trees and enjoying the sunshine.


How it works is you select if you want a small ($18) or large bag ($30), but you only pay when leaving. The price is the same regardless of how much you fill the bag, so go ahead and stock it up with as many apples as you want.

You can also pick a variety of different types of apples, or just one. The fee will be the same.

Final Thoughts

While the cost per bag is slightly high, I don’t consider it too costly as it doubles as entertainment. Apple picking makes a cute date idea or an excellent way to meet up with friends and social distance outdoors. Plus, you’ll end with tons of yummy fruit to eat or bake into pies.

After coming home and getting to try some of the products, I was impressed. The apples were so much juicier than those I’ve bought at the grocery store in terms of flavours. 

Next year I’ll be returning for apple picking for sure.

Orleans Fruit Farm is at 1399 St. Joseph Blvd. in Ottawa.