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Spooky Things To Do In Ottawa This Halloween

Even if you are too old to go Trick-Or-Treating there is still plenty of fun things to do this October leading up to Halloween. Here are some fun suggestions of things to do around Ottawa:

Pumpkinferno – Entire Month Of October

Ottawa Halloween

Throughout October Upper Canada Village will be having Pumkinferno where 7000 pumpkins are intricately carved to form sculptures that light up a 1km path. To save time waiting in line make sure to buy your tickets online.

Haunted Walks of Ottawa – Entire Month Of October

Ottawa Halloween

Take part in one of the many haunted walk tours of Ottawa this October. Throughout October you can take part in the Original Haunted Walk tour where you explore downtown Ottawa and hear some of the cities best ghost stories,  or if you are feeling brave sign up for the 150 years of Canada’s Scariest Ghost Stories walk where you will visit the Bytown Museum said to be Ottawa’s most haunted building.

For a more interactive haunted adventure sign up for The Haunted Walk’s Incident At the Bunker: A Zombie Adventure! At the Diefenbunker on October 14, 28, 29 Haunted Walks Ottawa will be offering a humorous interactive adventure with challenges and of course zombies.

Fans of Stranger Things can take part in the Stranger Tales event on October 20, 21, 26, 27 where you can do a group scavenger hunt around downtown Ottawa that takes around 1.5 hours to complete.

To take part in any of the events offers by Haunted Walks of Ottawa, make sure to register online.

Spooky Board Games At The Loft – Entire Month Of October

Ottawa Halloween

Get together with your friends and play some of the best creepy board games at the Loft Board Game Lounge throughout the month of October. From zombies, vampires, haunted houses, werewolves, or demons there are plenty of board game options perfect for the haunting season.

If you are looking for some suggestions on board games to play try any of the following: Last Night On Earth (zombie survival horror), Fury Of Dracula (vampire strategy game), Gloom (gothic light strategy card game), Elder Sign (co-op game against demons), Zombie Dice (light strategy zombie dice game), Betrayal At House On The Hill (co-op haunted house game), or One Night Ultimate Werewolf (werewolf party game).

Just In Time Zombie Training – October 30

Ottawa Halloween

On October 30th from 5-9pm Colony VR on Preston Street will be hosting their Just In Time Zombie Training event where you can kill virtual reality zombies, escape horror rooms and try VR pumpkin carving! For this special event Colony VR will be offering 50% off their regular rates of $40 an hour per VR room. Reservations are required

Creepy Escape Rooms – Entire Month Of October

Ottawa Halloween

If you are looking for a fun activity with a group of friends there are plenty of escape rooms that would be perfect for Halloween. Some suggestions include Serial Killer Charade at Escape Room Ottawa, Dracula’s Library at Captivate Escape Room, Darkness as Escape Manor, and the Escape Maze at Cannamore Orchard (they also have a haunted wagon ride you can do after the escape room).

Spooky Wagon Rides & Pumpkin Picking – Entire Month Of October

Every October Saunders Farm, Cannamore Orchard & Proux Farm transform to offer spooky wagon rides, pumpkin picking and a variety of other fun Halloween activities including corn mazes.