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Otto’s Cold Brew In Ottawa A Refreshing Drink

otto cold brew

Getting your hands on some delicious cold brew coffee in Ottawa couldn’t be easier. Otto’s Cold Brew is a small business launched in 2019 and specialized in small-batch cold brew coffee.

If you’ve never had a cold brew, the grounds are steeped in cold water over a long time compared to an iced coffee, which results in a smoother and richer flavour.

At Otto’s Cold Brew, they produce coffee twice a week, to ensure you always get the freshest product delivered to your door.

It is $19.00 for a 4-pack or $50.00 for a 12-pack, and delivery is free in Ottawa.

If you happen to be a colossal caffeine lover, you can also subscribe to getting a 4 or 12-pack delivered to your home weekly.

I’m a huge coffee drinker, but typically hot coffee is my go-to drink. But, I decided to switch things up and give this product a test.

Compared to other cold brews I’ve tried, I found the flavour to be bolder. So if you like strong, cold coffee, packed with flavour, you’ll adore this product. I tried some black, but my go-to choice was with a splash of creamer. I’d imagine it also works well mixed into a cocktail.

Want to try Otto’s Cold Brew? You can place your order online on their website.