Vacation Essentials: Unicorn & Gold Swan Pool Floats

Since last year, when I been crushing on pool floats which come in a variety of amazing shapes, from animals, food, mythical creatures and more. This summer I got two pool inflatables, a rainbow unicorn, and gold swan to float around in style with friends.

Unicorn & Gold Swan Pool Floats Review

Get one: Rainbow unicorn pool float

Unicorn & Gold Swan Pool Floats Review

Get one: Gold swan pool float

Both the unicorn and swan pool float are massive, so make sure if you get either you have a pump to inflate them. After spending a few minutes to inflate your unicorn or swan the pool float is ready to use, but if you have a cottage or large storage space I would consider keeping it inflated all summer long just to save time.

When fully inflated the unicorn and swan are both massive, with the unicorn being 9 feet long and the swan is 6 feet in length.

As both of the pool floats have tall necks they make for great lounge chairs in the pool too, as you can easily recline on them to float, perhaps with a cocktail in hand or just simply relaxing working on your tan.

Unlike traditional inflatable pool chairs, these two cute creatures just made everyone from children to adults have a big smile on their faces when they were playing on them. It is hard not to, as I mean come on, there is a rainbow unicorn in the pool!! 

Both the unicorn and gold swan pool float are large enough for two adults, which is a fun way to spend a summer day with friends.

After spending time using both I am now hooked on pool inflatables which I now consider a summer must-have item. From days at the pool to cottage vacations, or perhaps even your next tropical vacation a pool inflatable is certain to make your time in the water more fun.

Me getting pouty over having to leave my amazing pool chair to get to work. #lesigh

I highly recommend these pool floats, which have been a highlight of the summer for both myself and my friends. Now I’m hooked to pool days floating on these fun pool floats and want to collect a few more types. Thankfully when they deflate they get rather small so I can store a few in the garage until my next day at the pool.