Printable St. Patrick’s Day Coasters


While I’m not Irish, I do love any reason for a celebration. So for St. Patrick’s Day I’ll pretend my freckles and auburn hair comes Irish heritage, as I plan on celebrating this St. Patrick’s day chatting with those dearest to me while enjoying a tall, dark stout. This year I designed a set of printable St. Patrick’s Day coasters that will look perfect on your coffee table on March 17th.



  • White cardstock or thick photo paper
  • Clear laminate roll
  • Scissors
  • Coaster template



Download and print the coaster the template on a thick piece of white cardstock or photo paper and cut out the 4 circles. Next stick a piece of clear laminate onto each coaster. I found my roll of clear laminate at the dollar store, it is often sold where they have drawer liners, look for the transparent variety.


Cut off the excess laminate so that you are left with 4 cut coasters with a waterproof protective top that will guard them against drink spills. If you want extra protection you can put laminate sticker on the bottom of the coasters too, which would protect them incase the bottom should get wet from a spilled drink.


Here you can see the cut and protected coasters, which say love, lucky, eat drink & be Irish, and slainte (slawn-cha) which is a way to say cheers in Irish.

To complete your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations don’t forget to either make some green beer by adding green food colouring to a pale ale, or grabbing a Irish one such as Guinness, Kilkenny, Harp or Smithwick.


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