Steal Or Splurge: Raimond Light

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No matter how many times you watch fireworks light the sky with colour they are always absolutely captivating to watch. Perhaps drawing from human’s love of colourful explosions in the sky the Moooi Raimond Dimmable LED light replicates the look of fireworks in your home. For best results the Raimond looks best when grouped together with various sizes and at various heights to look like the fireworks were captured in a photograph.

The light was designed by Raimond Puts whose designs focused on minimalism to create maximum impact, and on bringing beauty and functionality into our living spaces. Mr. Puts intention in creating the Raimond light, a metal sphere created out of small metal triangles highlighted with small LED lights, was to create the essence of a starry night.

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Splurge: Original Raimond Light $2241.00 (16.9″) – $50937.00 (78.3″) available from AllModern or The Modern Shop in Ottawa.
Steal: Replica Raimond Light $329.25 (16.9″) from AliExpress  $988.20 (35.43″) from AliExpress 

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