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Recline & Relax at Landmark Cinemas: Win A Movie Night For 2

With the days beginning to get colder, I’m starting to look for more indoor activities, and one of my favourites on bad weather days has always been watching a movie. Thus to help you escape the cold, I’ve partnered up with Landmark Cinemas to give away 2 general admission movie tickets, 2 medium popcorns, and 2 medium soft drinks so you can enjoy a movie night at their newly renovated theatres.

Growing up you could often find me watching the newest released film at the theatres, but as movies got longer I slowly shifted away from watching movies in the theatres. The problem was I found the seats to be too uncomfortable to sit in for the much longer 3-hour movies that are popular normal for films today. So instead I traded seeing new movies with amazing sound and a large screen for the comfort of watching on my sofa at home.

Recline Landmark Cinemas Ottawa
Recline Landmark Cinemas Ottawa

To help enhance your movie experience Landmark Cinemas has renovated their two theatres in Ottawa in both Kanata and Orleans (along with many of their other theatres across Canada). Instead of traditional movie seats, all the theatre seats are large comfortable recliner chairs so you can lift up your feet and get cozy. In fact, the new chairs are so large and spacious there are 60% fewer seats in the theatre.

Recline Landmark Cinemas Ottawa

The new seats completely transformed my movie viewing experience as, without any additional fees, you can reserve your seats and recline your chairs. Couples will enjoy that the armrest between the chairs can be lifted up turning the two recliners into one reclining love seat.

Recline Landmark Cinemas Ottawa

To test out the chairs, I just watched Blade Runner 2049, which is 163 minutes long and I was comfortable the entire time. I’m so pleased with the movie theatre update, that I’ve already made a huge list of some of the other movies I want to watch leading into the new year.

Movies To Watch This Year

Passport To The World – various dates throughout the year

For those who love to travel as much as I do, you need to see Passport To The World. There is a variety of different movies in this series featuring a new location, and some of the upcoming movies are Puerto Rico, Chateaux of the Loire, Armenia, Bolivia, and Yukon.

Thor: Ragnarok – October 25, 2017

I’ve loved all the first two Thor movies, and Thor in the 2 Avengers movies, so I’m excited to see Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and Tom Hiddleston as Loki back at it again for another action-packed movie.


Justice League – November 17, 2017

I’ll admit when it comes to superhero movies I strongly prefer Marvel over DC. That being said, I highly enjoyed the latest Wonder Woman movie, so I’m intrigued to watch the new Justice League to see how they further develop her kickass character.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi – December 15

By far the new Star Wars film is my most anticipated film in the next few months as I’m eager to learn more about Rey and see where the story progresses.


Pitch Perfect 3 – December 22

The Pitch Perfect movies are one of my guilty pleasure movies, as I love the musical movies that pack in comedy and cheesy romantic stories together.  I can’t wait to watch the third film over the holidays!

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