What Goes Up Must Come Down: Removable Wallpaper

Renting an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t personalize the space so that your home reflects your own personal style. When decorating your apartment’s walls the key thing you need to consider is all the changes need to be easy to take down upon terminating your lease, which is what makes temporary wallpaper such a great idea for apartments. In recent years there has been a huge increase in the options available for temporary wallpapers. Not only are they easy to hang but you can hang them up, and upon moving to your new home the wallpaper can be reused at your new abode. Here are some stylish options for peel and stick wallpapers.


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Above are two simple, bare rooms that I thought would make the perfect bare canvas for some of the removable wallpapers I’ve showcased down below. You could do a statement wall, leaving the others blank and free for some artwork, or create a dramatic room by covering all the walls in the room and injecting more colour and pattern into your space. Here are some options for you:


removable wallpaper


  1. Geometric Hex Print Removable Wallpaper in green via Betapet or in grey via Livettes
  2. Hyde Park Peel And Stick Wallpaper in turquoise via ModCloth or merlot via Tempaper
  3. Stripes Temporary Wallpaper via Chasing Paper
  4. Graham & Brown Costello Wallpaper via Urban Outfitters
  5. Art Deco Temporary Wallpaper via The DIY Home Decor
  6. Chasing Paper Dot Removable Wallpaper via Urban Outfitters
  7. Chevron Lines Wallpaper Peel And Stick via Simple Shapes
  8. Lattice Pattern Removable Wallpaper via PatPrintByAmy
  9. Trellis Wallpaper Peel And Stick via Simple Shapes
  10. Concrete Removable Wallpaper via The Wall Sticker Company
  11. Zee Removable Wallpaper via Urban Outfitters
  12. Majestic Wallpaper via Graham & Brown


What’s your favorite temporary wallpaper? Let us know below.

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