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Review & Discount Code Sudio NIVA Wireless Headphones

If you are looking for new headphones Sudio offers truly wireless headphones that are not only affordable but stylish too. The wire-free Sudio NIVA earphones have 3.5 hours of battery life, but the case they come with also works to charge them on the go. As such the case provides an extra 4 charges, giving the headphones 17.5 hours of battery life. As you will need to bring the case with you for the extra charges, it is convenient that is rather small, about half the size of a phone so it can easily fit in your bag when you are on the go.

Review & Discount Code: Sudio NIVA Wireless Headphones
Review & Discount Code: Sudio NIVA Wireless Headphones

Colors and Design

Review & Discount Code: Sudio NIVA Wireless Headphones

Sudio NIVA headphones are available in white (with a rose gold accent), black and pink with a matching case. What I love about Sudio products is the sleek and minimal design. They truly have the best looking headphones I’ve seen on the market.

Review & Discount Code: Sudio NIVA Wireless Headphones

The headphones come with 3 different earbud tips, along with the charging case, and a micro usb cable. Setup of the Sudio NIVA is simple, hold down the exterior button to turn on or off the headphones, or press the button to pause or skip tracks. To pair your earbuds to any device just hold down both buttons until they blink red, and your earphones are ready to pair.

The case has a minimalistic design, with just the branding on the top and the 4 LED lights which indicates the battery level of the case. When putting your earbuds into the case they easily snap into place and provide a solid hold. Another great feature when you put the earbuds into the case they will automatically turn off.

Sound and Comfort

Review & Discount Code: Sudio NIVA Wireless Headphones

Regarding sound, they sound lovely particularly with good mids and highs and provide good noise cancellation. I’ve been using them when I travel around a city, and they blocked out lots of the city noise so I could enjoy my music.

As they are small, you easily wear them on a flight to help drown out passenger noise to help you sleep better too. Although these headphones might not be suited for long haul flights as they take over an hour to charge (and much longer for the case), they are great for regular trips, for an afternoon hike, or your daily adventures.

Review & Discount Code: Sudio NIVA Wireless Headphones

While traveling, I always have headphones on, either playing music or audiobooks, and I adored how comfortable these headphones are. I could comfortably wear them all day without any discomfort like I often feel with over the ear headphones or the annoying problem of a tangle of wires.


Review & Discount Code: Sudio NIVA Wireless Headphones

For the price of $134 CAD Sudio NIVA is much cheaper than the competition such as Apple Airbuds or Samsung Icon X which both retail for $230.

Currently, Sudio is also having a Valentine’s Day promotion where you get a free gift package, and an additional 10% discount when you purchase two or more earphones with free worldwide delivery. So go ahead and by headphones for yourself favorite your travel partner, or buy a set of wireless NIVA and the active noise-canceling over-ear headphones with a 30-hour battery life for long haul flights (Klar).

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