Royal Caribbean Cruise Fine Line Aqua Show

The Fine Line is a must-see show on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. The show takes place in the Aqua Theater and is a combination of high diving stunts, circus, and extreme sports that will keep you captivated the entire show.

Be warned if you sit the front row, you will get wet! The Fine Line takes place in the aqua theatre, so there is going to be a lot of water splashing. In particular, at the start of the show, there is a breathtaking number where the performers dance on a stage covered with water and spray the water across the stage in a mesmerizing effect.

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Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Over the years I’ve gone to tons of Cirque Du Soleil shows, which are said to be some of the best circus shows in the world. Yet, I the Fine Line was just as captivating and thrilling, but the show was free instead of the typical $60-200 I pay for Cirque Du Soleil tickets.

Out of all the shows I watched on Royal Caribbean this was my favourite, and it has something for everyone. From the upbeat music and high action show will entertain all.

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Harmony Of The Seas Entertainment Guide
Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean

To make sure you don’t miss out on this show which was one of my favorite moments on my first Royal Carribean cruise make sure you pre-book the show. I would suggest you book the show after the first night because the strong waves when the cruise departs often causes the show to be canceled.

The Fine Line is 50 minutes long, and I know when I cruise again on Royal Carribean it will be a show I will want to see again as the stunts were amazing.