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Sacramento Escape Room & Puzzles Perfect For Your Coffee Break

Your coffee break is about to become way more entertaining. After having a fantastic time with Enchambered Alone Together parts 1 and 2, I decided to try out their mini free escape room Sacramento along with some of their other puzzles.

Enchambered Sacramento Spoiler Free Review

Unlike Alone Together, Sacramento is a single-player game that will take no more than 5 minutes. There are under 10 steps to “escape,” and is very easy to solve.

Graphically the game looks wonderful, and you shouldn’t need any hints. But if you do get stuck, there is a step-by-step walkthrough.

To escape, you’ll need to find a key to unlock the California State Capital building.

Play the Sacramento escape room now.

Can You Escape The Basement Spoiler Free Review

Free fun doesn’t stop there. On Enchambered’s website, they have a long list of free puzzles and brainteasers you can try. So I decided to test out a few.

The first is called The Basement and has one puzzle. It honestly took me seconds to complete. 

Here you are given a sequence of numbers and have to figure out the pattern to escape. 

Try Escape The Basement now.

Can You Escape The Haunted Study Spoiler Free Review

Hoping to find something with more of a challenge, I moved onto The Haunted Study. Again it is a single puzzle, and this one took me nearly two minutes.

The idea here is you have to click the boards to line them up to spell out the message. When the boards are in the correct spot, they will glow in yellow. But it isn’t as easy you might expect, as clicking anywhere will usually move two rows. 

As such, once you can figure out the pattern, it is all smooth sailing.

Try Escape The Haunted Study now.

Final Thoughts

I have to say a huge thank you to Enchambered for providing so much free content for everyone to enjoy. You can find the list of all the puzzles here.

All of the single-player games above are extremely easy and won’t take you long to do.¬†Out of the three options I tested today the best was Sacramento Escape Room.

Without question, you won’t want to miss the free Alone Together, which is extraordinary.