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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With M Thompson Chocolates

M Thompson Chocolates

Together with her husband Marni Thompson, owner of M Thompson Chocolates, produces gourmet chocolates and confections in Toronto area. M Thompson Chocolates focuses on only using natural ingredients and traditional techniques to produces their exceptional sweets.

With a wide range of offerings from mint, peanut butter, blueberry, sea salted caramel, and orange chocolates, along with creamy milk and dark smoothie chocolates M  Thompson Chocolates offers a delicious range of flavors. Unable to pick one flavor I opted for the assorted chocolate box which comes with some of the chocolate smoothies, all the flavored chocolates.

M Thompson Chocolates

The chocolates were are expertly crafted, with the dark chocolate smoothies with the creamy chocolate center being my absolute favorites. The assorted chocolates come in a variety of sizes with the smallest 225g box costing $11.85 and the largest 375g box being $22.80.


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M Thompson Chocolates

M Thompson Chocolates also offers a delicious nutty pop which makes the perfect salty and sweet snack. The buttery toffee popcorn bowl is filled with pecans and almonds to give the bowl a delightfully crunchy snack which would be perfect for a movie night at home.

Conveniently M Thompson Chocolates delivers in Ontario within 2-3 days (deliveries outside of Ontario usually take 3-5 business days). Or if you happen to be in the Toronto area you can find their chocolates at a variety different retailers.

If you are looking to send a gift to someone M Thompson Chocolates would make a wonderful surprise, but I highly recommend trying their sweets yourself too!