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Satisfy Your Dessert Craving With Jav’s Cookie CO. In Ottawa

Yesterday, I really wanted cookies. Today, I am eating cookies. Follow your dreams. I think we all agree just thinking about taking a bite of the perfect chocolate chip cookie has your mouth-watering. But what if you could skip all work? Forget, heading to the grocery store to get the ingredients, testing out way too many failed recipes on Pinterest, mixing dough, cooking, and cleaning up the colossal mess you made in the kitchen. Jav’s Cookie CO. in Ottawa makes the best chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever tasted, and they will deliver it right to your door.

Despite being a fantastic baker, I often don’t have the time to bake when a sugar craving hits if it is a weeknight. This is where Jav’s Cookie CO. saves the day; they will ship a box of cookies to my house.

While I hate to admit it, their cookies taste way better than any chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever made. Opening the box and taking a bite, I was surprised how fresh they were; they tasted freshly made.

Every bite is perfection. The cookies have a nice crisp edge but super soft and chewy in the middle. As a chocoholic, the fact they are loaded with chocolate chunks gives them an A+ from me.

Inside each order, there are more than enough cookies to last you an entire week, or a few days if you share with someone.

Plus, the price is extremely reasonable too. It is $20 for a dozen, including delivery anywhere in Ottawa. How I see it my time is worth more than $20 an hour, so it is a nice splurge now and then.

But I also think a batch of these cookies could make a fantastic birthday gift. Not sure what to get your friend? In a few clicks, you could have a gift ordered they will love. Just do yourself a favour and order a box for yourself too. Otherwise, you are seriously going to regret it.

To order cookies from Jav’s Cookie CO. you’ll need to send them a DM on Instagram.