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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With O’Gourmand Desserts In Ottawa

One essential part of celebrating the holiday season is eating delicious treats as you countdown to Christmas. But if you prefer to skip hours in the kitchen rolling dough, baking and icing cookies, you should check out O’Gourmand Desserts in Ottawa.  

This small business specializes in custom-made dessert boxes that they deliver in Ottawa and Gatineau. Currently, O’Gourmand has several different tasty options to pick from, so there are certainly a few you’ll want to try.

They sent me the products to test, but always this in no way will affect my review below.

Option 1 is a box of four cupcakes for $20, or two boxes are $35. They come beautifully iced with festive designs like wreaths. The cupcake I tried was delightfully moist with a sweet frosting with crunchy sprinkles. For those searching for an affordable gift idea, you could always surprise one of your friends and family with a box of these cupcakes.

O'Gourmand desserts in Ottawa

Option 2 is a treat box that is $60. It is a giant box loaded with a variety of baked goods and chocolates. It comes with two cakesicles, two heart cakes (which is a cakesicle without a stick), two cupcakes, Lindt balls, Hershey kisses, and a Ferrero Rocher.

O'Gourmand desserts in Ottawa

The portion is gigantic and ideal for sharing with a group. But if you are solo, you could slowly make your way through the items inside over several days.

Option 3 is a Christmas tree tart that is $90. Out of all of O’Gourmand’s baked good was the winner by far. 

O'Gourmand Desserts in Ottawa

It is a soft almond vanilla cookie with a thick layer of French vanilla pastry cream that isn’t overly heavy. The contrast in textures between the cookie and cream was fantastic. It is the type of sophisticated dessert I expect to enjoy in a fancy bakery when I visit Paris or Vienna.

O'Gourmand desserts in Ottawa

I also appreciated that it wasn’t too sweet, so it appealed to my taste buds the most. The presentation was also spot on with a beautiful green tree design decorated with sparkles, mini candy canes and ornaments. 

Compared to a regular Christmas yule log, I, hands down, would prefer the tart.

If you want to place an order, you can email or send them a direct message on Instagram.