Scratch Travel Maps For Your Home

For some time now I’ve been interested in getting a scratch travel map for my home as a fun way to display all the places in the world I’ve visited. The large posters make for a great piece of affordable art, and if you are like me will inspire you further to travel as you will want to scratch off every country on the map.

Unsure which travel map I wanted for my home, I got both the Scratch Travel Map Air World and the Scratch Travel Map Geography World. The Air World map is made out of a transparent plastic with a silver design, while the Geography World map is made with a thick paper and has gold foil design.

Scratch Travel Maps For Your Home

Scratch Travel Map Geography World

Scratch Travel Maps For Your Home
Scratch Travel Maps For Your Home

In the Geography version when you scratch off the gold foil you reveal yellow and green countries.

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One of my favorite aspect of this map is the fact at the bottom corners there is a detailed section for Europe and the Carribean. This detail is especially important for the Carribean, as on most scratch maps the islands are too small to scratch off. So if you know you like to travel around the Carribean this is the best scratch travel map I’ve found.

Scratch Travel Map Air World

The Air World map is rather difficult to photograph well, as it is transparent with metallic silver foil, but it is stunning in person. The sleek design is perfect for someone who wants to showcase the wall behind. For example, if you had a nice brick wall or wallpaper design that you want to show through, this map would be perfect.

When you scratch off the silver on this map you get rich rainbow colors.

Here is a detail of some of the colors revealed after scratching.

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Scratch Travel Maps For Your Home

In both map kits, you get pushpins to hang the posters up, but I used a simple wood poster frame that hands to the top and bottom. Overall both scratch maps are lovely and it just comes down to personal taste which one is better for you. I opted for the gold version as I’ve traveled all over the Caribbean and I loved how this map let me showcase where I’ve been.

Want either of these maps for yourself? Get them now.