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Sudio Femtio Take This Portable Speaker Wherever You Go

Stylish and portable? Sign me up. Sudio Femtio is the perfect blend of good looks and incredible sound. The portable Bluetooth speaker could be the solution you are searching for if you love to take your music with you.

I received Sudio Femtio for testing purposes, but as always, this won’t affect my review.

The tiny speaker comes in three colours, black, silver, and black with rose gold accents.

For something so small, I was impressed by the high quality, warm sound it produces. Because it’s so light, you can easily put it in your bag and bring it with you.

I plan on taking it with me for outdoor picnics or days at the beach once things warm up. But for now, it moves around my house from my desk, cooking in the kitchen, to my home gym.

Yes, I said beach. The speaker is IPX6 water-resistant, meaning it can handle a heavy spray of water. 

Or, if you happen to have two of them, you can pair two Sudio Femtios to your device.

In my tests, the speaker could run for slightly under 14 hours in a single charge. Which means I could play it all day and then set it to charge while I slept. 

It was remarkably easy to set up too. The speaker instantly connected to my phone, and I could even use Google Assistant with it (the box states it also works with Siri).

The regular price is $179.00 CAD. But if you want to start your Black Friday shopping early, you can get it for 35% off using discount code BLACKFRIDAY on Orders made from November 24-30, 2020 can also take advantage of free gift wrapping and worldwide delivery.

Order your Sudio Femtio now.